Milled Peat for agriculture and garden

Milled Peat for agriculture and garden

 24 /ton, min. 22 t  wholesale
Delivery terms: FCA
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We offer high quality peat milling for agriculture from the manufacturer. Peat is one of the most important organic fertilizers, it has its own mineral base. Peat (black peat) is more fertile than the upper peat, as it contains more nutrients and trace elements. Milling peat is used as a fertile basis for fertilizing poor soils, improving infertile land in order to improve the cohesion of sandy soils or loosening clay soils. This type of peat is an ecological clean product, it is very popular among florists - planting mixtures for lawns consist of almost 70% of it. When applied to the soil, milling peat creates a favorable water-air climate, replenishes the stocks of organic substances. Also milling peat is widely used for the preparation of peat mixtures (substrates) intended for the cultivation of fungi, plants, seedlings and various agricultural crops.

Characteristics of milling peat:

Humidity ~ 50%
Nitrogen is the common 2.98%
Phosphorus total 0.20%
Acidity (pH) 5.5-7.5

Terms of delivery: FCA by car (possibly by rail)
Packing: bags of 20 l, 1000-kg big bags

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