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crude oil в Ханчжоу

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Регион Ханчжоу
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Оптторг ГК, АО, RU
We produce and sell crude oil with delivery to anywhere in China.
Caluanie Muelear Oxidize (samples for worldwide delivery)
1 500 $/л
Retail trade sales, SP, US +5 объявлений
Caluanie is widely used in chemistry, paint industry as an agent substitute. Crude Caluanie 99% is generated from Muelear oxidized Platinum...
В радиусе 170 км от Ханчжоу
Oil absorbent "Arctic" for oil spill response
12.50 €/шт FOB
EcoPeatMix, ООО, RU, 164 км
Highly effective clean peat moss absorbent "Arctic" for oil spill response on a water surface and the soil. The natural peat moss absorbent is 4...
Sunflower oil
Цена по запросу
LC-Trade, ООО, UA, 164 км +1 объявление
Our company sells sunflower oil in large wholesale for export.  Commodity: crude, refined sunflower oil  Original: Ukrainian  Packing: bulk,...
Цена по запросу
Спарк, ЧП, UA, 164 км +5 объявлений
Diesel D2, D6, EN590, Aviation Kerosene JP54, Fuel Oil M-100, Gasoline, LPG Gas, Oil - Export Deliveries - by tanker standards. Basis of delivery...
Sunflower meal, high protein 39%
227 $/т FOB
Agro Holding, ООО, UA, 164 км
Sunflower meal, high quality Crude protein: 39%
 Supply ability: 3000 mt per month Terms of delivery: FCA, CPT, FOB, CIF
 Country of origin:...
Olive Oil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Pomace Oil -Avocado Oil
15.40 €/Box (box) CIF
A4Business, SA, ES, 164 км +4 объявления
Olive Oil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Pomace Oil - Balsamic Vinaigrette - Avocado Olive Oil "CasAlbert" Packaging & Shipping Our main product...
Sunflower oil
Цена по запросу
StatusGroup, ЧП, UA, 164 км
We produce sunflower oil for export. The factory produces unrefined sunflower oil for export, the highest grade (cold pressing). Large abimas are...
Coal tar coal tar pitch crude benzol
Цена по запросу
Кубань Трейдинг, ООО, RU, 164 км
Dear Sirs, The company "Kuban Trading" offers wholesale deliveries to foreign contractors of coal tar, pitch and crude benzol from the...
New CAT marine propulsion engine 3516 C-HD / SCAC
Цена по запросу
ETC Europe Truck Finland, Oy, FI, 164 км
4* Surplus CAT 3516CHD / SCAC; 4* Marine Auxiliary / propulsion 2008 Model - Unused/ new 0 hours Serial Prefix: JTS Prime Power Rating 2,812.5...
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