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peat moss for landscaping в Ханчжоу

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Peat moss for landscaping
Цена по запросу
EcoPeatMix, ООО, RU +5 объявлений
Peat moss from Russia for agricultural industry and landscape design. Pressed peat moss slabs are the finished product for covering any prepared...
Sawdust -wholesale Briquette 20 kg
2 ¥/шт EXW  
Оптовая цена
2 ¥/шт
Транс-шексна, ООО, RU
Wood shavings and sawdust for animal bedding Briquette 20 kg
Beam, board, edged board
1 $/м.куб. FOB  
Оптовая цена
1 $/м.куб.
RawExgroup, ООО, UA
Our company successfully works in the market of production of lumber and woodworking. The main activities of the company is the production,...
В радиусе 170 км от Ханчжоу
Fig Dry White Nature
Цена по запросу
Nika Trade, LS, TR, 143 км +2 объявления
Nature! Baby . Lerida 2-3-4-5 calibre Harvest 2019 10kg . 5kg Carton box Privet Label as per request * Prices valid for MOQ 20.000 kgs (1...
Oil absorbent "Arctic" for oil spill response
12.50 €/шт FOB
EcoPeatMix, ООО, RU, 164 км +5 объявлений
Highly effective clean peat moss absorbent "Arctic" for oil spill response on a water surface and the soil. The natural peat moss absorbent is 4...
New ZF 7640 transmissions marine (2008) gears, ZF 3084062005
Цена по запросу
ETC Europe Truck Finland, Oy, FI, 164 км +2 объявления
2x new ZF 7640 transmissions marine (2008) unused gears, ZF 3084062005 3084 062 005 3084-062-005, 3084 062 005. Marine Propulsion Systems with...
1.65 $/кг  
Оптовая цена
1.65 - 2.42 ¥/кг
Иванов А.А., ИП, RU, 164 км
Hello! we procure raw materials, waste paper of different grades from 500 tons per month. ready for cooperation.
Brand new LPG tank container T50 52, 000L
32 500 $/шт FOB
Группа компаний Спецтрейд, ООО, RU, 164 км +3 объявления
Tank type: 40' ISO UN T50 Nominal capacity: 52,000 litres Design pressure: 1.8 Mpa Test pressure: 2.34 Mpa Relief valve (set pressure): 1.89 Mpa...
Кукуруза фуражная
Оптовая цена
от 164 $/т FOB
Medini Trading Company, ТОО, KZ, 164 км
Corn for future crops, $ 164 / 25,000 tons, $ 160 / 500,000 tons. FOB Odessa. Shipments will begin in September You can already reserve volumes...
Chicken paws Paws, Feet
Цена по запросу
ДиетМаркет Урал, ООО, RU, 164 км +1 объявление
Chicken paws Paws, Feet. We offer for delivery from Russia. Permission to China. Commercial offer: 1) Product: Deep Frozen Chicken Paws (grade...
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